Sustainable Energy

These four pendants represent our four sources of sustainable and clean energy: Wind Power, Solar Power, Geo-Thermal and Hydro-Electric. Each piece carries with them symbols of the natural resource from which the energy is harnessed and includes mechanisms akin to the mechanics involved in power production.

  The combination of nature and industry is an existence that we see growing every day and is something we need to be conscious of.  Although industry in the past has proven to be very damaging to the environment, it is seemingly our savior in sustainability, environmental education and rehabilitation.  Instead of nature and industry working separately, or against one another, we must learn how to use permaculture as a way to benefit humans and nature, and the future of both.


This Sustainable Energy Series is a Limited Edition.  Their will only be 25 made of each necklace.  All will be numbered and signed by the artist.  Each necklace will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist along with a bio card.