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Perfect Time For Leaf Lockets

Create Your Own Unique Pendent with Your Ever-Changing Environment!

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Choose your material and relief design for your very own magnetic Leaf Locket.  Pick from your choice of natural materials such as leaves, flowers, and grasses, or use a photo, drawing, or painting to create your personalized statement piece.  Metal lockets come beautifully packaged with instructions for use with natural material and paper. 

Instructions are below.

Sustainable Energy Series


Presenting "Geothermal", the third finished of a four part series.  These four pendents represent our four sources of sustainable and clean energy: Wind Power, Solar Power, Geo-Thermal and Hydro-Electric. Each piece carries with them symbols of the natural source from which the energy is harnessed and includes mechanisms akin to the mechanics involved in power production.

Geothermal is the third to be produced of this series.  It's mechanical component is an actual miniature replica of a geothermal turbine made in solid sterling silver.  The bronze layers of the main body represent the earth's layers while the silver tubes descending through the levels are taken from the concept of how geothermal energy works.  Heat and pressure are pulled up from underground to power the turbine and is then sent back down into the earth.

Get the first of your collection or get closer to completing it with "Geothermal", the third of the Sustainable Energy Series!  There will only be 25 of each piece made so don't wait! 



Solar Power is the second to be produced in this four part series.  It's main frame is made with bronze while the center piece is solid sterling silver. The center axis represents the sun in the center of our solar system while the 14K gold sphere in the center of the prongs, representing the earth, revolves around it.  The bronze disk opposite the sphere also spins in its place representing a sunflower; part of the luscious life that blooms from our sun.  The rotating silver structure is framed with two actual solar panel cells hand cut and set from behind. 

Wind Power

Wind Power is the first of this series and is made with a bronze framed in compass style lines.  The center piece is made in steel representing the blades of a wind mill.  If you look closely you'll see the birds in the negativity space between the blades.  The center piece spins inside the bronze frame.

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