Intro to Silver Solder

Introduction to Silver Soldering

*Prerequisites: Minimum of one Level I Class

Step up your jewelry making skills by learning to solder! Learn how solder works and the techniques used in soldering multiple types of joints. You will gain the knowledge and skill of using more powerful tools on the jewelers' bench to create your custom piece.


  • Solders for precious metals and their alloys
  • Soldering jigs and surfaces
  • Types of Fluxes
  • Torch operations
  • Basic joints
  • 3 Stages of soldering operations
  • Alternative Soldering Techniques: Sweat soldering, stick feed, conduction soldering
  • Post soldering process
  • Common soldering problems and solutions

This Silver Solder Class is available as a private lesson in 2 Sessions. Each class is 2.5 hours long and you choose your dates/times.  Tool rental and materials included.  Silver available on hand for purchase. 

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In need of financial assistance in taking a class?  Apply here for a discounted rate.  Discounts are given on a need basis.