Intro to Sheet Metal

Introduction to Sheet Metal (Level I)

*Any skill level welcome

*This course includes Intro to Jewelry Making: Jewelry Concepts

*Rolling mill pictured is not accurate size. (Ours is much smaller:))

*Rolling mill pictured is not accurate size. (Ours is much smaller:))

Almost all hand fabricated jewelry starts with sheet and wire. This intro to sheet metal working will give you what you need to start manipulating a flat sheet in the areas of shape, form and texture. Student will have a clear understanding of how sheet metal is made, measured, and manipulated and begin making there own simple custom jewelry like the pieces shown.

Using a rolling mill

  • Changing dimension of metal
  • Rolling sheet/wire
  • Rolling techniques
  • Texture transfer

Cutting Sheet

  • Measuring/marking tools
  • Design transfer
  • Cutting tools
  • Sawing

Cold Working

  • Methods of cold bending
  • Piercing
  • Filing tools/techniques
  • Basic milling: Tools/Technique

Intro to Sheet Metal Class is available as a private lesson in 2 Sessions. Each class is 2.5 hours long and you choose your dates/times.  Tool rental and materials included.  Silver available on hand for purchase. 

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