Earring Archive


These are only a fraction of the wide variety of styles and design that have been made by Michele Judge over the course of many years.  Some of them experiments, some of them accidents, some of them thoroughly planned out, and some of them can never be made again due to either the laws of physics, or the availability of materials.  Many of these are made with found objects from many different countries.  However, if you can not live without one of these pairs of extraordinary works, simply contact the artist and she can possibly make something very similar for you (right click on the image- select "Copy"- compose an email to michelejudge@gmail.com- right click in the body of the email and select "paste").  Perhaps even with a personalized flare of your own!

The earrings below have been categorized by technique and/or material.

Sheet Metal

Mixed Media

Double Forms

Black Coral

Clock Parts

Wire Forms

Feather Collection