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My inspiration comes directly from my materials. I strive to work in harmony with these elements in order to expose the nature within them. When I am successful at doing so, the observer feels a sense of peace and satisfaction that I believe is being transferred directly from the arrangement of the materials to the person.

A variety of techniques are used in the creation of these pieces. They range from old world artisan techniques of hand fabrication, to the use of cutting edge technology. The primary materials used, metal, crystals, wood and minerals, and are kept as pure as possible.


The Traveling Street Artist

A Brief History...

A Brief History of Michele Judge ART

After graduating with a BFA in Sculpture from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA, Michele Judge continued her education traveling through many different countries living, working, and learning with people of several different cultures.  She became intrigued with the lifestyle of the traveling artists.  Traveling and living along side these artists in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico, she built relationships of all kinds.  The ability to make and sell art while traveling led her to realize the ultimate form of freedom for her.  She began her first days of street vending on the streets of Guatemala.  Having had intense training in drawing in college, she began teaching herself caricatures by practicing on the other travelers she lived with at the time and was soon selling caricatures and portraits in the streets. 

First days of street vending in Rome, Italy with Edgar Nabor Ortiz

In 2006 Judge found herself on the streets of Rome, Italy putting her new found knowledge of street vending and foreign language skills to the test.  It was there she meet another street artist from Mexico, Edgar Nabor Ortiz, who taught her more in depth, the ins and out of street vending in Rome.  It was during that time, while she was selling her hand crafted crocheted hats and scarves, Edgar began teaching her the basics of his craft, jewelry.  He showed her how to use pliers, make earring hooks, wire rings, and collect objects from markets that could be taken apart and used in more creative ways.  Michele Judge's earring display immediately received huge enthusiasm and encouragement from the street.  She found making jewelry gave her a wider range of material use and possibilities for her creative outlet. Little by little her jewelry began to over take her display until she eventually became the jewelry and metals artist she is today.  

After returning to Philadelphia in 2008, Michele continued her craft on the streets of Philadelphia.  To her surprise, her work was even more appreciated by the people of her home city! It was shortly after her return to the States that she met Michael Manthey, an internationally renowned German jewelry artist who has worked in the metals and lapidary field for nearly 40 years.  Manthey became a very important mentor in her life, graciously teaching her one on one his knowledge and skills in the areas of silver smithing, stone setting and lapidary, for 5 years.  He continues to be an extraordinary friend and teacher with a wealth of knowledge. 

Michele Judge currently lives and works in West Philadelphia and continues to build and develop her body of work.  She is now studying 2D and 3D software programs under the guidance of Adolphe Alexander, a talented mechanical engineer and sculptor of Philadelphia.  This has expanded her possibilities as an artist and designer. Through NextFab she learns how to operate and utilize cutting edge machines to bring her sculptural work to life.

Finding inspiration in Zion NP

Michele has sold her work on the streets of many US cities such as San Francisco, New York, Boston, and New Orleans and continues to travel and sell her work throughout the country.  She finds her inspiration through her materials and is guided by their existence. 

She currently exhibits her work in small art shows, holistic based events, music festivals and gem shows. She shares her knowledge and experience through teaching classes out of her studio and enjoys doing custom commissions.

Some images collected through Michele Judge's travels. Enjoy!


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